Back in the Groove

I’m reminded of an old Simon and Garfunkel song. Hello, keyboard, my old friend; it’s good to tap on you again… You get the picture. I have neglected to write anything for this blog for a couple of years. Even my fiction had fallen by the wayside with the exception of scenes in my mind of course. But my characters have been nagging at me because I guess they’ve got something to say, but they’re like ghosts—they can’t type. So here I am, resurrecting my characters. Not to mention resurrecting my habit of getting my ass in the chair and working on this novel. And this blog.

As many of you probably know, the month of November is the time of year many writers hammer out as many words as they can to either write a complete novel or finish a novel. I was not one of those writers. I did however complete several chapters and came up with a 5,200-word short story in answer to a call for submissions from Outcast Press. Accomplishment made! Take that, rusty brain matter.

Getting back into the groove was easy, maintaining that action is tough. While I mentally prepared myself to get back into the groove of writing a cohesive story, I checked out a couple of books from the library. One, The First 50 Pages by Jeff Gerke let me know I was on the right track. This gave me a boost of confidence that I needed for the resurrection of my novel’s characters. Like, hey, I’m not that far off track after all. I highly recommend this book to anyone writing a novel, and would suggest they read it before starting their first chapter. Perhaps while they’re developing character profiles.

Until next time. I promise it’ll be sooner than two years. Now I have to remember how to post this piece on my blog!      

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